Vinyl tablecloth


Reading many articles, and find a more clearly explanations of plastic tablecloth, vinyl tablecloth,PVC tablecloth,and Oilcloth.

Vinyl tablecloths are manufactured with a type of plastic called Vinyl, and a type of Vinyl called PVC. PVC means polyvinyl chloride. This plastic is made as all plastics from Oil, but more than other plastics from Chloride. It means this plastic uses less Oil than the other plastics due to the Chloride component in it.

PVC are used in industrial applications due to its excellent chemical resistance, electrical properties, low moisture absorption and easiness of fabrication. It has a good dimensional stability, it is weldable and cementable and commonly used in the following applications: Ducting, Tubing, Flooring, Wall Covering, Fume Hoods, Valves, and of course oilcloths and tablecloths, among others.

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